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Here we offer a deeper dive into the data we have gathered from our participants. All analysis and outcomes are the property of Whakaora and are only to be used with appropriate citation. Please contact us with any questions regarding this information.

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Every group has a story, and the data presented here are only part of the story. The generous, courageous, and manawaroa (resilient) participants of Whakaora are the true success stories of this therapy. The alumni of Whakaora deserve all the credit for the results detailed below. Future alumni interested in becoming part of this success story can contact us today to learn more.

A note on the language:

  • N = number of participants

  • Average = arithmetic mean

  • SD = standard deviation

  • PTSD: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder symptoms

  • DES-B: Dissociation symptoms

A complete list of assessment utilised and an explanation of the analysis is available from the team at Whakaora. We are also available to help your private practice grow into an outcome-informed treatment powerhouse. Contact us to learn more. 


Group Detail


Location of our first group, Wellington will always hold a special place in the heart of the Whakaora team. We are incredibly proud of the work that has been done in our capital city, and we look forward to many more group sessions in Windy Welly.

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Christchurch is a city that has needed Group EMDR for years, and thanks to the tenacity of the team at Restore EMDR and their partnership with Whakaora, we are proud to help the residents of Ōtautahi on the long road to recovery. Kia kaha Christchurch, we are honoured to be part of the rebuild.


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From Bulls to Bluff to points beyond, our online group covers the entire motu. We are chuffed to provide accessible group EMDR treatment across Aotearoa. Utilising technology in innovative ways has been at the core of Whakaora since the beginning, and we are only getting started!

But does it work?

Results, graphs, numbers. They're nice to look at.

But does Group EMDR therapy work?

In short, yes. Here is an automatically updating calculation of the effect size based on the measured psychological conditions. The results are displayed as Cohen's d, a commonly used statistic in psychology. Effect size can be visualised using this tool from Dr. Kristoffer Magnusson. Input a value from the chart below, and you will see a visual explanation of the results, which are updated in real-time as participants complete treatment with us.

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