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Session Schedule

Our services are available on the following dates. Check in often or subscribe to our newsletter to learn about updates and new offerings. If you would like to arrange a bespoke group for your whānau, team, or organisation, please contact us today.

If you are an ACC Sensitive Claims provider, please click here to refer your clients.

We try to get it right for everyone.

Unfortunately, we're not chocolate, so we're not going to be able to make everyone happy.

Dates and times are subject to change based on provider availability and other factors beyond our control.

All requests to participate must be pre-approved by our team of clinical psychologists to participate in a session. This ensures the best experience for everyone in the session. Requests to participate are typically accepted until a session is at capacity, and we do fill our groups quickly! For the best possible experience, please submit your request early.

All group participants are asked to abide by Whakaora's Terms & Conditions, which will be provided prior to the session. 

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